Rockxa Finance $RcXa DeFi Token – An elite, multi-billion dollar industry – now accessible to everyone.

Welcome to Rockxa Finance

Rockxa Finance is the Bitrockxa Capital DeFi Token. Surely you‘re wondering how you can make real profits with all those DeFi Token ICO things and cryptocurrencies. There is a great opportunity behind the answer to this question. The Rockxa $RcXa token is the solution for you. Rockxa enables the development of a decentralized financial (DeF)i system that can contain asset derivatives of all classes. There is also a wagering reward and the basic structure of a DeFi token. The DeFi sale will take place on September 23rd at 0:00 GMT and on two other dates. Of the total of 4.2 million tokens, a total of 1.4 million tokens will be sold. The starting price is $1.50 and is payable in Ethereum. The first round includes 400,000 $RcXa token with a current Ethereum value of ~ 1542 ETH. The remaining tokens will be sold at higher prices on two additional sales. The remaining $RcXa tokens are deposited in the foundation and 10% of the sum is distributed each time. The factor is reversed and decreases over time by 0.025%. After all tokens have been distributed, the tokens can be freely owned and traded. $RcXa offers modern update options and will be meaningfully further developed in order to adapt to the rapidly growing and volatile crypto market in a marketable manner and to be able to trade first.

Presale starting now! You can buy $RcXa directly here (click) on our website. We will go online at uniswap as soon the gas fees going down! Stay tuned for more! Presale ICO price starts at 210 $RcXa per 1 ETH. Grap your first batch before price goes up! Uniswap lisiting will be a higher price!

Let your investment be a Rockstar, buy Rockxa $RcXa.


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Roadmap Rockxa Finance

Who is Rockxa finance & Bitrockxa Capital?

Bitrockxa Capital is a profitable cryptocurrency hedge fund with many years of experience in and around the crypto and financial market. The philosophy of the fund is entirely „All Gucci“ which knows the feeling of a safe investment that is well protected, generates constant profits and offers a flowing cash flow. We get this secure investment feeling through a number of different AI systems, indicators and various charts and fundamental analyzes, coupled with 20 years of experience in the stocks market. We are a team of experienced trader, analyst & software developer, that works very hard to make the best possible outcome for our clients. We stay private to ensure that we can guarantee the most privacy & profitable for our customers.